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When I started Salt & Seaweed Apothecary, I began with a clear mission: to identify the most powerful ingredients in nature, specifically, ocean ingredients; and to create a product collection that left your skin feeling clean, nourished & loved. When it comes to taking good care of your skin, using products with natural, effective and environmentally-friendly ingredients is always important.  Ingredients from the ocean are nature's perfect skin superfood. 

Salt & Seaweed's formulations all begin with a powerful base of wild-harvested, organic West coast seaweed.

~ Ocean ingredients are known as the world’s most naturally abundant source of complex nutrition - vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and amino acids - that effectively restore the skin to its natural beauty.

~ They visibly diminish and actively combat signs of aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving the look of elasticity and smoothness,  promoting a youthful appearance while protecting the skin from future damage.

~ These nutrients are effectively and easily absorbed for maximum results, and as a bio-available source of nourishment, their nutrient-dense compounds enable your body to replenish, re-mineralize and revitalize.

~ Perfect for all skin types - because of their rich composition, ocean ingredients effectively target a wide variety of skin conditions. They nourish, reduce inflammation, and crush skin imperfections.

Want to experience the power of ocean ingredients yourself? Explore THE COLLECTION.  Nourished skin is always in!